Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Please contact us for current pricing.

Do we need to buy the whole barrel?

Once the bottling begins, we need to bottle the entire barrel. If your group is unable to purchase a barrel, we will try to combine smaller groups in order to schedule an event.

How many people can participate?

We have had successful BYOB’s with up to 70 participants. We have bottled with as few as 8 people. It just takes a little longer.

What if we want to share a case?

That can usually be arranged. It depends entirely on the case distribution among the other participants. As long as all 24 cases are spoken for and we are under 40 people for the group, it should be OK.

Can I use my own label?

Yes. We encourage you to make your own label before the event. It’s part of the fun to have a crew pasting them on to your bottles. Karen has a template to help you create a label if you would prefer.

How about food?

A poolside luncheon can be arranged. It’s a great time to socialize, drinking some of the same wine that was just bottled.

How much time do we need to do a BYOB?

We usually start around 10 in the morning and finish eating around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Other times can be arranged.

How much lead time do you need to schedule a BYOB?

The more the better. We like to schedule months in advance. We are flexible, however, and can usually squeeze a BYOB in according to your needs.

Can we fill larger bottles? Half bottles?

Yes. It’s fun to have different size bottles. We can fill just about any size you would like. We just need to have advance notice so arrangements can be made. There may an additional charge for extra large or unusually shaped bottles.

How about etched bottles?

We work with a great guy who does beautiful etched wine labels. These make wonderful gift and promotional items. We need advanced notice if you would like any etching done.

Can we do a BYOB on a day other than a Saturday?

Yes. We prefer Saturdays but we have done events on other days of the week.

Will we learn anything about winemaking?

Kirk enjoys giving a little overview of winemaking before the bottling begins and answers more specific questions throughout the morning. Another fun aspect is a little viticulture education with a walk in the vineyard.

Can we taste the wine before we commit?

Yes. Samples can be sent and/or you can visit the winery for a barrel tasting.

What should we wear for a BYOB?

Old clothes. We have a few aprons, but don’t wear anything that wine stains wouldn’t improve.

How do we actually get our wine?

You can put your cases into your vehicle after the meal. Or, we can arrange to have the wine shipped to your home or business. Shipping costs are not included in the cost of the BYOB event.