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The Napa Valley Film Festival is coming!

Saturday we had the pleasure of hosting Kerry Hardy, Marketing Associate for the Napa Valley Film Festival. We enjoyed sharing our wines with her while discussing how we might be able to help with the festival. The 2nd annual Napa … Continued

Budding Over

Have you ever thought you’d like a “do over”?  In viticulture, it’s possible. The process is called “budding over.” In the spring, when the vine is just waking up, the winemaker has a chance to change the type of grape … Continued

The Wine Clubs

We are excited to announce the start of our new wine clubs.  There are a couple of options to choose from — one a selection of our reds and the other includes our white wine.  Either option delivers 6 bottles … Continued

Pruning Season

              It’s pruning time in the vineyard.  Last year’s canes are being removed and the spurs on each vine are being left with two buds.  With the spring-like winter we’ve been having this year, bud break is predicted to … Continued

Grandson Arrives!

  Reid Erik Stenberg came into this world on January 25, 2011.  8lbs 3oz.  

2010 Crush

It’s been a long, relatively cool growing season, but we’re into it now! Crush started with merlot, cab franc, and viognier last week. Chardonnay and syrah are still hanging. Generally, a small crop but all the chemistries and the flavors … Continued

Fall 2009

Hi Everyone! Fall is slipping away, the crush is over, and the wine has been barreled down for the season. Now for a little blog update. The growing season was one of the best we’ve ever had. Although the yield … Continued